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Stock Broker Review: Scottrade

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Short Briefing:

Scottrade was found in 1980 and today it owns a wide network of more than 500 bruch offices. Their online trading platforms include three different trading platforms, Scottrade Elite, Scottrade and OptionsFirst. Scottrade offers more than 1,000 no transaction fee mutual funds plus 10,000 load and no-load funds. Additionally, they offer IRAs, Bonds and CDs.

ScotTrade Corporate, P.O. Box 31759 , Saint Louis / MO 63131

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Brokerage Services include :

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Options, ETFs, Bonds, IRAs, CDs, OTC markets, ESAs and Treasuries


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Scottrade Commissions:

1) Stock Trading

Online Stocks trading costs $7.0 / trade, no matter how many shares are traded. If the share price worth less than $1 then a 5% fee based on the principal value is added.

$27 for trading executable by specialized brokers

2) Options Trading

$7 plus an additional $1.25 charge per option contract.

3) Mutual Funds Trading

$17.00 per Mutual Fund trade plus an additional fee may be charged depending on the mutual fund.

Other Charges include:

$1 to confirm mail for online accounts

$20 for Overnight delivery / Returned checks

Building Automated Forex Strategies (14-day trial version)...

Minimum Account Size:

Minimum deposit on Scottrade is $500.


Scottrade Features:

1) Online personalized education

2) High quality of customer service except live chatting

3) No fees for maintenance

4) Chinese version of Scottrade web-site


Mobile Trading :

Applications for mobile devices include Apple iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


Scottrade Promotions / Bonus:

Referral promotions are available on Scottrade

Scottrade is not charging any Transfer Fees






√ Network of 500 brunch offices

√ Wide variety of trading assets

√ No fees for maintenance

√ Fast speed of trading execution

√ Trading education

X Trading platform with limited tools

X No chat support


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Scottrade Review

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