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The Foreign Exchange Market is the largest financial market in the world. Trading Forex currencies requires a basic understanding of global economics..

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Equity traders have access to thousands of stocks and indices from all around the globe. Trading indices is easier and safer than trading individual stocks…

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Commodity trading may prove very profitable to those who can recognize and follow the long-term commodity cycles. Gold and Brent are always at the center of interest of every commodity trader...



The decentralization of the global economy will lead to the adoption of multiple blockchain practices, including currency...

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TITANFX Accounts

Founded in 2014, TitanFx is a multi-featured Forex broker offering over 220 f...

“The Art of War” is an influential strategy text studied by corporate strategists and CEOs all over the world. Business is war after all..!

Sun Tzu (孫子;)

Who was Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu (孫子...

Armstrong claimed that economic cycles follow a constant ratio based on 𝜋=3.14The Economic Confidence Model & Global Financial Interconnectivity

Historically, economic growth tends to follow periods of continuous expansion and after periods of contraction. Financial markets respond to this cycle as the macro environment determines the level of interest rates and consequently the liquidity conditi...

Historically, when uncertainty increases, investors buy Gold...Gold Price Gaining Momentum

The Gold price surged to a new all-time high after surpassing the major resistance level of $2,080-2,090. The current global inflationary environment combined with the turmoil in the Middle East favors the gold rally. Additionally, the price of g...

The Breadth Thrust is an indicator that analyzes the general momentum of the stock market to reveal the times when buyers begin to dominate the market...In late 2023, the famous Breadth Thrust indicator flashed a bullish signal for the stock market. Since the Second World War, it has only happened a few times. But why is this important?


Investigating the Possibilities of a Cryptocurrency Bull Market in 2024-2025

After a long and painful bear market, the cryptocurrency market shows some serious signs of reversing the trend. This is happening a few months before Bitcoin halving which occurs every 4 years. Historically, Bitcoin halving signals the beginning of a bull market period that lasts 12-18 months. Of course, the performance of past market cycles cannot guarantee future performance. There are some risks (presented later) that can disturb, or even cancel, the bull market. In any case, we will investi...

Dumb money tends to buy and sell at the worst possible time, and it is wise to trade against it...

The terms “smart money” and “dumb money” are used to describe different groups of market participants. Institutional investors and market insiders are labeled “smart money”, on the other hand, small retail traders and short-term speculators are labeled “dumb m...


RSI Precision Indicator by G.P. (

RSI PRECISION is an alternative to the classic Relative Strength Index (RSI). The indicator aims to enhance the classic RSI and make it more accurate on longer timeframes. Additionally, the indicator works as an advanced signaling...

Forex Trading Analysis■ Market: Foreign Exchange | EURUSD

■ Forecast: The US Dollar looks currently stronger, EURUSD to rebound in November

Since July 2023, the EURUSD has been moving lower. However, we must point out that ...


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