Free Forex Trading Signals: USDX May/June 2018

■ Market: Foreign Exchange

Trading Assets: EURUSD | DXY

In a time of war and economic uncertainty, investors always seek safety and the US dollar becomes the undisputed king. So far, in 2022, the US Dollar gained 12.75% against the EURO and the US Dollar Index (DXY) went up by 15.54%. Since June 2021, the US Dollar index is up 23.6%.

Starting with the US Dollar Index.



A trade signal is an alert for buying or selling a financial security based on a particular analysis. A trade signal can be generated by a human analyst or by specified systems. These systems can operate as MT4 plug-ins or use an independant framework of analysis.

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» Forex Trendy


TYPE: Manual Forex Signals

SUMMARY: An independent Forex trade system that generates daily signals

Independent Trading Interface

■ 34 Forex Currencies

■ 1-Minute to 1-Month Timeframes

■ Precise entries with take profit and stop loss, but without money management

◘ Trading Signals for Beginners and Semi-Advanced Traders

◘ Live-Chart Analysis / Customize your Trend-Watching

  • Trend & Breakout Analyzer
  • Scans Triangles, Flags, Wedges, and Trendlines

• Email and SMS Alerts

• Sound Alerts

> 37 USD every 3-Months

> Unlimited Trade Accounts

» Forex Trendy

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TYPE: Manual Forex Trading Signals on MT4

SUMMARY: Forex trading signaling machine that runs on MetaTrader as an 'Expert Advisor'

Compatible with MT4

■ 6 major Forex pairs

■15-minute, 1-hour, and 4-hour timeframes

■ Rule-based and fully mechanical algorithm

■ Precise entries with take profit and stop loss, but without money management

◘ Trading Signals for Beginners and Semi-Advanced Traders

◘ Daily Trading Signals

  • Focusing on strong short-term and medium-term Forex trends
  • Spotting high Reward/Risk trades

• Email Alerts

• Sound Alerts

• MT4 Push Notifications

> Price: $97 one-off

> Lifetime license

  • PDF and video guide
  • After-Sales support



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EA Builder WebSite



TYPE: Custom Manual & AutoTrade Signals

SUMMARY: Create a custom-made trade signaling machine based on MT4, MT5, and Tradestation


Compatible with MT4, MT5, and Tradestation

■ Forex Currencies

■ Stocks & Indices

■ Cryptocurrencies

■ Commodities and Bonds

■ All timeframes

◘ Advanced and Professional Traders

◘ Create your own customized signaling machine

◘ Intraday, Daily, and Weekly Signals

• Email and SMS Alerts

• Custom and fully automated trading signals (EAs)

> Free for creating indicators

> $97 to create EAs (one-time payment)

> Unlimited Trade Accounts


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