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Free Forex Trading Signals: EURUSD October-November 2020Forex Trading Signals: EURUSD October-November 2020

Market: Foreign Exchange, EURUSD

Forecast: EUR against USD will probably remain strong until the American Elections (Nov, 3rd), then the US Dollar is expected to significantly recover against all majors

2020 is a case-study year. After the global lockdown that took place in March, nothing is the same. The key monetary policies of central banks are changed, inflation targets are gone, employment figures are collapsed, and the real interest rates are actually negative. Furthermore, the global supply chain has broken and the whole concept of economic globalization is seriously harmed. What a year this is for the Forex markets and the world. In this challenging environment, FED and ECB struggle to stimulate their economies and preserve employment and consumption. This is happening through the implementation of extremely-flexible monetary policies and the injection of a record liquidity into the system.

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