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Vantage FX Announces New 8.88% Interest Rate Policy on all Trading Accounts

The ECN (Australian-based) Forex company VantageFX announced 8.88% interest rate policy on the free balance of all active forex traders.

■ Interest Rate is Paid Monthly

■ Applies to all New and Existing Clients



David Bily, Head of Sales at Vantage FX commented: "The current global financial conditions are continuing to force central bank interest rates down and in many economies such as Japan and Europe, into negative territory. Our 8.88% interest rate initiative can help neutralize this downward shift for our active traders and provide a benefit by creating a positive buffer and positive return on forex trading accounts ."

Vantage FX believes this will be a game changer for active forex traders by helping them to strengthen their trading account, as well as adding a positive buffer to the trader's profit and loss.

"By launching our 8.88% interest rate account feature, we're able to demonstrate our continued commitment to providing industry-leading benefits and creating real value for our forex traders. While this account feature applies to all existing Vantage FX clients who opt-in, we welcome all forex traders to join and experience trading with an additional 8.88% in their favor," noted Bily.

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Oil Talks Fail in Doha, Qatar

The top oil producers in the world were supposed to find an agreement that would stabilize the oil prices, but the Doha meeting ended in failure. A steep fall in the oil prices is now expected, and who knows where they will end up?

After a six-hour delay and six more hours of discussion, the world’s most powerful oil producers (except the USA) didn’t succeed in reaching an agreement regarding freezing the production of the 'black gold'.

The oil price (Brent) has fallen from 115 US dollars (summer 2014) to approximately 40 US dollars today. In January 2016, the price of oil even reached 27 US dollars, and this is the lowest level in the past 12 years. This imbalance between demand and supply is the reason why the oil prices are falling so sharply. Any movement in the oil prices can strongly affect many other financial sectors, such as the Forex markets, and you can read more about that on this page.

Trading Forex and Receiving the 20% Dukascopy Rebate Plan

"Joining this 20% Volume-Based Cash Rebate -is 100% free to sign!"


EUR/USD spread at 0.25 pips –Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Dukascopy offer very tight trade spreads based on its enormous liquidity.

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Who is Dukascopy

Dukascopy offer real ECN Forex trading via the SWFX market. Dukascopy is one of the most trustable and credible Forex Brokers in the global Forex market incorporating all existing Anti-Money Laundering legislation and protecting 100% your invested capital. Furthermore, Dukascopy offer state-of-the-art trading technology without any price manipulation and delays. Below you may find full information regarding the Dukascopy profile.

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Why it is Crucial to get a Forex Trading Education


Often, Forex Trading is marketed like a get-rich-quick scheme. But Forex traders need to know that trading is a skill. Just like any other profitable business, you need to know what you're doing before you make money. This is why you need a Forex Trading education.

Now that Forex tutorials are available online it's easier than ever to learn, and there are huge advantages to getting that education.


Understanding the basics

When you start trading Forex, you'll find concepts and terminology which may be difficult to grasp. It's very different to other types of trading, so even if you have some experience, you may not be familiar with terms such as pips, drawdown, stop-loss order, Forex spread, and margin call. But with web tutorials, they'll soon be a part of your vocabulary.


Create your plan

As a Forex trader, you'll want to create a plan of action. A Forex trading plan will be the gamechanger that has you earning big. It will also keep you disciplined and stop your emotions from getting the better of you.



Getting a good Forex trading education is more than simply reading up on information online. Video tutorials, Webinars, and expert traders are available to provide you step by step lessons as to how to be a top trader. It is impossible to get there alone. With mentors available, it is necessary to try to go it alone.

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