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1000pip Climber Trading Signals Review

The 1000pip Climber is a simple Forex trading signaling machine that runs on MetaTrader as an 'Expert Advisor'. It offers daily signals with precise entry, stop loss, and take profit values. The system can be easily set up and followed manually, even by beginners. The developer provides a lifetime license for 97 USD, no monthly subscription is required after the purchase.



The 1000pip Climber algorithm is designed to analyze 6 major Forex pairs, and when an opportunity is recognized, to notify users visually, audibly, and via email. The algorithm focuses on strong trends and high probability movements.

  • 6 major Forex pairs
  • 15-minute, 1 hour and 4-hour timeframes
  • Rule-based and fully mechanical algorithm
  • Focusing on strong short-term and medium-term Forex trends
  • Spotting high Reward/Risk trades

Trading Signals

Once a potential profitable trade is identified an alert is sent that incorporates an entry price plus the stop loss and take profit price levels.

Image: 1000pip Climber alerts on the chart

1000pip Climber alerts on the chart...



  • Easy-to-install on MetaTrader-4
  • Runs like an MT4 Expert Advisor but the trades are executed manually
  • It analyzes 6 major Forex pairs by focusing on strong trends
  • Generates daily trading signals based on 15-minute to 4-hour charts
  • Precise entries with take profit and stop loss, but without money management


All users get a ‘beginner’s guide’ with detailed instructions on how to follow the 1000pip trading system.

  • PDF guide and video
  • After-Sales support



The 1000pip Climber System is a simple Forex trading system that is based on MetaTrader-4. Although it runs as an Expert Advisor, it is designed to operate as a manually-followed signaling machine. The algorithm is programmed to identify high-probability trades on six 6 major currency pairs. After an opportunity is identified, the system sends alerts with precise entries along with the take profit and stop levels. The trader just needs to decide the size of the opening position. Traders don’t need to have any special skills apart from understanding risk management.

The developer claims that the 1000pip Climber targeted 20,000 pips over the past three years with a minimal drawdown. This argument cannot be confirmed in this review. However, it can be confirmed that the system shows a low refund rate, and that is a good indication of a successful operation. 1000pip Climber is a fair choice for beginners and semi-advanced Forex traders.

□ Price: $97 one-off (lifetime license)



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