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Improve your trading with forex signals

Improve your trading with forex signals

Keeping an eye on the markets all the time can be tough. With so much going on across the many currency pairs throughout the day, it is often hard to pick which trades to take whilst sticking to your risk and money management rules. Forex signals can be very helpful in this regard, as the decision making is removed from the process: all you have to do is stick to your money management rules and execute trades as you receive the signals.

Premium signals vs free signals

Generally speaking, paid signals from an experienced research firm are going to be of much higher quality than anything you get for free. If a provider's signals make money, why would they give them out for free? On the other hand, sometimes you can get access to premium signals for free just by choosing the right broker or introducer.

Free premium forex signals with Vantage FX and Trading Central

Vantage FX is pleased to announce a partnership with trading research firm Trading Central. All live MT4 and MT5 account holders who deposit more than $1000 can now get free premium forex signals delivered to your inbox daily. The Trading Central daily research emails provide invaluable market insights and technical trading opportunities and put you a step ahead of other traders relying on intuition alone.

The importance of money management when trading forex signals

Even if you are receiving quality forex signals, money management is still extremely important. No matter how good a signal provider is, they will not get every trade correct. Generally speaking, manual traders should never risk more than 2% on any one trade. After trading with a signal provider for some time and confirming their signals are consistently profitable, you may feel comfortable enough to increase your risk per trade slightly. Even so, no matter how good a signal service seems to be, you should never risk more than 5% on a trade. At 5% per trade, all it takes is 4 incorrect trades to experience a 20% drawdown.

Dangers of second-guessing your signal provider

If your signal provider is consistently profitable, it is a good idea to try and take most, if not all of their signals. If you start picking and choosing signals, you run the risk of only picking the bad ones. Of course, it will not be possible to trade each and every opportunity, but the more signals you act on, the closer your performance will reflect that of the signal provider’s.

Experience free forex signals on a RAW ECN account

Although all live MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 account holders who deposit more than $1000 are eligible for free Trading Central signals, you will see the best performance when trading on a RAW ECN account. RAW ECN is the choice for professional traders because these accounts give you the lowest spreads available. When trading forex signals, every pip matters. If you trade on an account with wider spreads, you could easily miss take-profit levels and trade entries. Sign up for a Vantage FX RAW ECN account today and take advantage of free premium forex signals from Trading Central!


Improve your trading with forex signals

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